Monitoring SDG6 on water and sanitation

Indicator 6.5.1 – Water resources management

Indicator 6.5.1 Degree of integrated water resources management implementation (0-100)

Target 6.5 aims to implement integrated water resources management at all levels – this page explains why and how to monitor progress towards this target, and what resources that are available for countries to do so.

Indicator 6.5.1 tracks the degree of integrated water resources management (IWRM) implementation, by assessing the four key components of IWRM:

  • Enabling environment
  • Institutions and participation
  • Management instruments
  • Financing

It takes into account the various users and uses of water, with the aim of promoting positive social, economic and environmental impacts at all levels, including the transboundary level, where appropriate.

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How to progressively Monitor?

Data on 6.5.1 is collected through a questionnaire and responses are consolidated through consultations between relevant stakeholders, such as national and subnational line ministries and institutions involved in water resources management and other stakeholders such as NGOs, academia and business.

As the monitoring process develops, we anticipate the consultation process will become increasingly inclusive and formalized, and the results will be applied more often in IWRM planning.

IWRM is about balancing the water needs of society, the economy and the environment. Indicator 6.5.1 supports policy- and decision making at the national level by enabling countries to identify barriers to progress and ways in which these can be addressed.

UN Environment compiles country data on indicator 6.6.1 and supports countries in their monitoring efforts.
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