Monitoring SDG6 on water and sanitation

Indicator 6.4.1 “Change in water use efficiency over time”

Target 6.4 aims to increase water use efficiency across all sectors – this page explains why and how to monitor progress towards the target, and what resources that are available for countries to do so.

The indicator at a glance

Indicator 6.4.1 tracks the value added in US dollars per volume of water withdrawn in cubic metres, by a given economic activity over time. It considers water use by all economic activities, with a focus on agriculture, industry and the service sector.

The indicator allows countries to assess to what extent their economic growth depends on the use of their water resources. Regional differences in climate and water availability must be considered in the interpretation of this indicator, in particular for agriculture.

Data on water withdrawals will come from the monitoring of indicator 6.4.2, and data on value generation in different sectors are commonly available from the National Statistical Office.

Available support 2019-2022

FAO is the custodian of indicator 6.4.1. For any inquiries about available support, please contact their helpdesk.

Guidance on data collection and reporting

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