Monitoring SDG6 on water and sanitation


Starting up SDG 6 monitoring in Senegal

The pilot testing of the Integrated Monitoring initiative for SDG 6 was officially started in Senegal, with an inception workshop in Dakar, 25-26 April 2016, organized by FAO in coordination with the Senegal Ministry of Water and Sanitation. The workshop gathered national representatives from several ministries engaged in water and sanitation monitoring, with the objectives to:

  • introduce the SDG-water work at high policy level and collect the relevant political support to its activity
  • establish the national teams that will work on the preparation of each indicator and discuss with them the relevant steps to be taken
  • define a common framework at national level for the harmonized and synergetic achievement of all the water-related indicators
  • review available options and identify capacity gaps
  • outline possibilities for a regional approach

Dakar, Senegal, 25-26 April 2016

To learn more about the workshop, please refer to FAO’s summary report.