Monitoring SDG6 on water and sanitation

Why start SDG 6 monitoring with a national inception workshop?

Face-to-face meetings are an effective way to connect and engage stakeholders, exchange information and experience, and create momentum.

Starting SDG 6 monitoring with a national inception workshop, with all relevant stakeholders, can also serve the following purposes:

  • Providing clarity on the implications of the 2030 Agenda on water and sanitation monitoring
  • Identifying existing water and sanitation monitoring in the country (e.g. what is being monitored by whom and which data are already available)
  • Allocating roles and responsibilities for SDG 6 monitoring:
    • lead persons/institutions for each technical team
    • membership of each technical team identified
    • overall focal person and intersectoral monitoring team
    • terms of reference for the SDG 6 focal point, technical teams, and intersectoral monitoring team
  • Agreeing on overall plan for how to establish a baseline for the SDG 6 global indicators (to be complemented with indicator-specific plans)