Monitoring SDG6 on water and sanitation

Review of monitoring methodologies for SDG 6 global indicators

The review is now finalized – for the results of the review, please refer to the summary of received feedback and responses as well as the revised methodologies.

In approaching the 2030 Agenda with a dedicated goal on water and sanitation, it was recognized that the sector at large would require a coherent monitoring framework, with improved data collection and analysis, covering the whole water cycle. To meet this need, a number of United Nations agencies joined forces under the UN-Water umbrella to develop the Integrated Monitoring of Water and Sanitation Related SDG Targets (GEMI) initiative.

Photo credit: Blue Diamond Gallery, Creative Commons Attribution

Integrating and expanding on existing monitoring efforts, draft methodologies for all global SDG 6 indicators have been developed. The methodologies are sensitive to national needs and realities, and have been designed to enable Member States to monitor SDG 6 at a level in line with their national capacity and available resources, and from there advance progressively.

We are now inviting a larger audience to review and provide feedback on the methodologies. Should you be interested in doing so, please visit the UN-Water website for more information.

Last day to provide feedback: 31 October 2016