Process for the Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG 6

(Photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt)

(Photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt)

The first phase of the Integrated Monitoring Initiative (2015-2018) focuses on the development of monitoring methodologies and the Integrated Monitoring Guide for SDG 6, for use in countries by countries, and the establishment of a global baseline.

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Before the methodologies are rolled out globally, they are pilot tested in a small number of countries in 2016, and then revised as necessary based on lessons learned. This revision will also incorporate feedback gathered through an open review of the methodologies, taking place during the fall of 2016. The revision will be finalized in the beginning of 2017.

In 2017, the methodologies will be implemented on a global scale, to enable the establishment of a global baseline in 2018.

To realize both the pilot testing and global implementation, the first step is to sensitize countries to build a national interest for water sector monitoring.

To prepare for global implementation, a number of global and regional workshops will be organized in 2017 to bring together Member States and international monitoring partners, with the aim of facilitating cooperation and sharing of knowledge and experience. Such peer-to-peer interaction will be an important component of capacity development in a resource-constrained environment.