Monitoring SDG6 on water and sanitation


Following the development, testing, evaluation and revision of methodologies for monitoring SDG 6 global indicators during 2014 to 2016, the global implementation of SDG 6 monitoring was officially launched in early 2017. The first phase – the 2017 integrated baseline process – seeks to establish a global baseline for the 11 global indicators under SDG 6, in time for the HLPF in-depth review of SDG 6 in 2018.

The role of the United Nations system is to support countries in their water and sanitation monitoring efforts. Photo credit: Tom Page, Creative Commons Attribution

Subsequent phases will focus on reaching global coverage and building national ownership (2018-2021), integrating and mainstreaming (2021-2025) and finally, consolidating and sustaining (2025-2030) the monitoring process at all levels.

The Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG 6 and the custodian agencies will provide both technical and institutional support to countries, as summarized in below.

Support models and requests to countries during 2016-2017 integrated baseline process